Italian Restaurant


Husband and wife team own and operate this family friendly Italian Restaurant.

Started as a mobile pizza trailer in 2017 serving Neapolitan style pizzas and developed into a brick and mortar full service restaurant.  While Neapolitan pizza is a staple menu item; the restaurant also offers handmade pastas, appetizers, desserts, and more.  Everything is made from scratch with quality ingredients imported from Italy or otherwise locally sourced

The restaurant

                            Fresh Modern Italian Inspired


Neapolitan pizza was invented in Naples, Italy.

The dough is simply made with just four ingredients: flour, salt, yeast, and water.

The dough is stretched to order, then placed onto the stone floor of the 1000 degree wood burning oven.  Manufactured in Naples, Italy, the oven weighs 3 tons and is designed specifically for cooking Neapolitan pizza.  The fire rolls over the top of the oven dome as the flame leopards the crust and cooks the pizza in 90 seconds    The extremely hot temperature of the oven causes the dough to puff along the sides with a light airy crust with charring.  The sauce from the crushed San Marzano tomatoes  and fresh mozzarella create a hot, soupy, molten area at the center of the pizza.   The pizza is approximately  11" in diameter and is best eaten with a knife and fork.


The Pizza

Neapolitan pizza                         

Contact Us

5105 Westwood Drive St. Peters, MO 63304


Dine In Hours:

WED-Thur: 5pm - 9pm

Fri-Sat:  4pm-9pm

(Due to limited seating reservations for tables are required. Bar seating available for walk ins)


Carry Out Hours:

Wed-Thur: 5pm-8pm

Fri-sat: 4pm-5:30pm*

(*times subject to change based off volume)

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Your Safety is our Priority

We are taking extra safety precautions due to Covid-19


All employees are required to wear masks in the dining room

Customers are not required to wear masks

Hand Sanitizer

Touchless hand sanitizer is available at the hostess stand and outside of the bathrooms

Touchless soap dispensers have been installed in both bathrooms

Routine Cleaning

Extra cleaning and sanitary practices are in place to ensure your safety 


This includes frequent cleaning of all high-touch surfaces


Additional Safety

Employees are required to have temperature checks before every shift

Staff receives ongoing training and guidance to comply with CDC safety precauions